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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

For the final stage, Steph wanted a few tweaks to a couple versions I had in my previous blog.  Here they are, Steph!

3 Photos – Version D

My Comments:  Here is the 3 photo format with a different combination.  It was hard to make this fit because you can only have 1 horizontal photo in a storyboard, but the left and center photos are horizontal ones.  To make the photos fit and also appear balanced, I re-sized the photo of h & z to better match the one of s & z and had to trim the middle photo, so the photos are slightly square-shaped.  (I do think this is a pretty photo of you, Steph!  And my gawd – you and h have NICE teeth!)

4 Photos – Version B

My Comments:  I changed the photo of s & z to the original one and then swapped positions with the photo of z.  (I used a different photo in the previous “4 Photo” design because it is a vertical.)  To use this photo of s & z, I had to trim more of each photo.  If you don’t mind the tighter viewpoint of the photos, then it is okay.  It is a fairly subtle difference because of where I cropped, so you may not even notice that I did this.

As for the position of the photo of z, I like this too.  This position was my 2nd preference.  In my 1st version of this design, I put z on the left-most position because of how his face was turned to the right.  And since we read left to right, you would “read” this storyboard as z looking at his parents’ interactions with him.

Your decision on which storyboard comes down to personal preference.  My faves are the “3 Photos-Version C”, “4 Photos”, and “4 Photos-Version B”.  But honestly, they’re all really nice and I think you’ll be happy with whichever one you choose.  Also remember, since you purchased multiple storyboards, you don’t have to pick the the same version for all of them.  Good luck choosing!


Here are some more with a different photo of h & z…

3 Photos – Version E

My Comments:  This one of h is a little overexposed, but I actually like that effect… it creates more of a silhouette, which is cool and artsy.

3 Photos – Version F

My Comments:  This version looks more visually consistent than the last one because all the photos have similar contrasts/highlights, so the photos equally stand out.

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