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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

This post is specifically designed for a client (Hi Steph!!!) who wants to decide between a few photo combo variations for her storyboards. Drum roll please…

3 Photos – Version A

My Comments:  These are the photos you chose.  You can only choose 1 horizontal photo, but you chose 2 horizontal photos and 1 vertical photo for the 3-photo format.  Thus, I had to do some cropping, thereby creating a ‘zoomed in’ look of you and z.  I think it is okay, but in my opinion, it doesn’t seem balanced with the photo of dad and z.

3 Photos – Version B

My Comments:  I replaced the photo of you and z with a vertical photo that I like! 🙂  I think this photo shows emotion… tenderness.  And I like that it balances out the entire storyboard bec you both are looking at z.  It has more of a “story”.  The photos in this version also fit better.  (In version A, the photos are slightly off-center because the photo of you and z was originally a horizontal one.)  I like this one better…

3 Photos – Version C

My Comments:  In this version, I used a different photo of dad and z.  Even though z isn’t looking at the camera like in the other photo, I think it’s lovely to see h’s smiling face!  He is so handsome, and you can really see his features here!  I also think z looks especially adorable.  Look at that grin!  (Note:  If you choose this version, I will do a little more tweaking with the photo of z and h to trim out the distracting pant cuff at the bottom of the photo.)

4 Photos

My Comments:  This version includes a photo of z.  However, the photo you chose of z is a horizontal photo, so I had to crop a lot of it to make it fit.  And I think it worked out!  The close up creates more of a ‘mood’ and also reveals z’s features better than the original.  Note that the photos are smaller for a 4 photo style storyboard, so the version you choose depends on your preference.  The thin black outline represents where the frame would be, so you get a sense of the size of the photos in your storyboard.

My favorites are Version C (of 3 photos) and the 4 photo format.  But what do YOU think?

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