Storyboard 10×20 Examples

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I’ve had a few clients who recently asked for some storyboard examples.  So here they are!

Storyboards (also called a 10×20 collage) make great gifts.  Every storyboard is custom-created for you!  You choose the photos you’d like displayed — either 3 vertical photos, 2 vertical and 1 horizontal, or 3 vertical and 1 horizontal.

These storyboards are printed on the coolest professional paper around that will last you generations to come (seriously!)  And they are framed with a classic black wood gallery frame.  For pricing or to learn about other products, go to my Products webpage.  Email me if you have questions or want to order!  Thanks!

A storyboard with 1 horizontal photo…

A storyboard with 3 vertical photos…  This is great to show a series, like this little girl throwing leaves up in the air!

This is the most number of photos you can have in a 10×20 storyboard…

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