Storyboard Preview – Jenny M.

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

This is a storyboard preview for Jenny M.

I love the photos Jenny chose for her storyboard.  Just three photos displayed together can tell the story of how much love and fun exist in a family!



* I put Kanoa on the left because of the direction he is facing.  And it matches well with the family shot on the right because Patrick is turning towards our left.

* I cropped in where necessary — especially in the left and middle photos — to fit the design of your storyboard.

* I oomph-ed the photos by giving them more punch.  I didn’t want light, washed out BxW tones.  I like how this looks with a little more contrast.  It’ll look fantastic with a black frame.

* The black line around the storyboard depicts the edge of the paper, so you’ll know where the frame will be.  (The line is there just for the preview.)

* My logo will not be on your storyboard.  (The logo is there just for this preview.)

* The storyboard will be printed on one 10×20 professional paper.


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