Super Franks Photoshoot

Super Franks Photoshoot Part 1:  The facility

Super Franks is a children’s entertainment center that is like no other place I’ve been to!  They have lots of different play rooms for kids, various themed party rooms, and tons of games… but what makes this place unique is that there is GOOD FOOD, Starbucks, free WiFi, and nice furniture for parents!  Some of their furniture is nicer than what I have at home.  Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

It was nice to capture images that showed off how spacious this place is, how clean it is, and how enjoyable it can be for both children and parents alike!

Here are some of my favorite shots from yesterday’s shoot…

This is the lobby with the Sports Room on the left and a Starbucks counter.


The Princess Room.  One of these days, I’ll treat Melia to a birthday party here.


This is the dressing room inside the “castle”!


Craft tables in the Princess Room.


The new Taught Town downstairs.  I like this shot because of the wide angle perspective at a low position.  Very cool.


Plasma cars lined up in the Sports Room for the toddler morning session.


Spoiled Rotten?  You better believe it!  They have everything at this place!

Back in my day, my mom would say, “Here’s a pencil and a piece of paper.  Now go play!”  Or, “Go play with the sticks and rocks outside, and try not to hurt yourself!”  😉


The new arcade room.  I love the festive lights and how they reflect on the shiny floor.


Ian’s favorite ride.


The party room in the glow-in-the-dark miniature golf zone.


Taught Town Village where toddlers can play pretend.


I didn’t want to just take great photos of this place…  I wanted to capture images — from a marketing perspective — that would attract customers.

From seeing these photos, wouldn’t you come here with your kids?!!  I would.  And do!  =:D

Now look out for more photos on Super Franks’ website relaunch coming soon!

(Click here to see Super Franks Photoshoot #2 of kids in action and some of the food!  Yum!)

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