The Bedtime Crazies

I know what you’re thinking:  Photos of your kids again?

I can’t help myself.

I decided to take this month off from photoshoots because I wanted to catch up on back-end stuff, like marketing and updating my websites.  But instead, I find myself yearning for subjects to photograph.  And if you’re following my blog, you know what I mean!  I’ve taken photos of rocks, weeds, vines, anything!  Ridiculous, I know.

Sometimes I challenge myself by finding ‘art’ in something simple, mundane, or unattractive, like a truck!  But right now, I’m snap happy with my camera just because I love it.  No challenges necessary.  I do think it’d be fun to join or to start a Photography Club where a bunch of us photographers go around once a month and take photos together.  We could have a challenge for that day and then share our favorite photos on a blog.  It’s amazing to see all the different perspectives people have from looking at the same things!  (If you’re a photographer in the East Bay and you’re interested, contact me!)

So Ian got a baby robe from Auntie Esther = A photo opp.  And there are still a dozen red heart balloons all over the house from Lawrence’s birthday = Another photo opp.

(By the way, according to Lawrence, he turned 29…again.  It has been a repeat birthday for 9 years now!)

The kids go nuts with the balloons.  I mean NUTS!  I am starting to regret buying so many balloons.  I am having a “What was I thinking?” moment.

So I took some photos of the kids after bathtime tonight.  They were really wound up for some reason.  I call this The Bedtime Crazies!

Melia “wearing glasses”.

Ian in his fuzzy robe from Aunt Esther.  (He pushed his stool from another room, so he could reach the bathroom counter!)

The glazed-over look from being tired.  (I like his furled brow here.  That is from his dad!)

Ian brought a bunch of balloons into Melia’s bed.

I love that you can only see his face and that he is looking up at the balloons.  It’s one of my favorite photos from tonight.

My naked kids.

This is my other favorite photo from the night.

Ready to read bedtime stories.

I experimented with a “Lomo” camera effect.  I love the look of classic film cameras.  I just don’t like dealing with film (buying, developing).

Time for me to retire.  Good night!

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