The Heart of America

I love buying fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers directly from the farmers.  I love hanging out at farmer’s markets and listening to music.  I love looking at all the vivid colors, shapes and textures of the produce.  And, let’s be real — I love satisfying my uncontrollable need to accept (and devour) any and all fruity taste-tests!

Farmer’s markets are awesome.

And now, after my Commercial Shoot at North Berkeley’s farmer’s market, I was able to talk with some of the farmers and watch them work.  And wow — they are not only incredibly hardworking, but also, they are some of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever met.

I am so grateful to be reminded of how farmers are the HEART of America!

I am also delighted I had the opportunity to take photographs for a great organization, Ecology Center, and an amazing program, Market Match.  Eating healthy can sometimes be a challenge when you have a small budget and this program enables lower income families to essentially “stretch their dollar”, so they can buy fresh and delicious produce at farmer’s markets!

This Commercial Shoot was a dream come true in so many ways:  the visual beauty of nature, the people, the program.  Love it all.

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