The Mini Storybook

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

What’s small AND luxurious?

My new product:  The Mini Storybook!

It’s a handcrafted leather-bound book.  It’s mini and cute, just like your little munchkins.  It is professionally press-printed and is hinged for easy flipping.  The Mini Storybook is cuter than a bunny!

5×5 of Deliciousness

Hinged Pages

These books come with 20 pages (total of 20 images), which makes it a perfect size to tell a short story.

Semi-Gloss Finish

The colors resemble photo paper, and the paper feels like a high-end magazine.

Each photo extends across the entire page — edge to edge — to maximize visibility of your beloved photos.

Luxury Covers

Covers come in genuine vintage leather or suede.

My favorite is this vintage leather (shown below) in the color “Aviator”.

Cover Options

*More Info About The Mini Storybook*

This product is available for a limited time.

Currently, it is not offered a la carte.  It is only available in an exclusive package for digital files.  (Digital files are now stored on an eco-friendly bamboo flash drive, another new product for 2014!)

Please keep in mind that all photos will be cropped into a square dimension, 5×5″.  Due to the tricky nature of a square design element, I will choose the best photos from your session for your storybook.  If you have 1 to 3 favorites that you absolutely want to include (that can be cropped), let me know and I promise to do my best.

There is no draft to review; You will receive your custom-created storybook with the rest of your product package and know that it was all made with my care and love.  <3

*Please Note*

If you would like a book that contains images that are not cropped into a square shape OR want a book that contains more images OR prefer to have more input on image-selection, then you want The Book of Love.  The Book of Love is a 10×10 Fine Art Book with super thick matte pages that do not bend.  There is no gutter (a line in the middle of a spread) and thus, images can be printed up to 10×20 in size.

In comparison, the Mini Storybook is for telling short stories, like having a luxurious brag book, whereas The Book of Love is for telling longer stories, so you can enjoy more images from your shoot.

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