The Pool Hunt

*Sigh*   Where do you have an Easter Egg hunt when you lack a yard and the diligence to book an Easter Egg hunt at the local park in advance?

The community pool, of course!  Hey, that’s much more creative than last year’s livingroom hunt!  🙂

Melia gave me advice before I hid the eggs:  “Don’t put the eggs IN the pool!  Okay, Momma?!”

Four year olds can be so bossy… and funny.  Hee hee.


I love this photo of little Ian spotting the egg in front of my camera and going for it!  The bright sun gives this photo a soft mood.

I like that you can see Melia leaning to see the egg in the background.  (I had Ian find eggs first, then Melia got to do it, so she didn’t find all of them.)


I believe in the three Rs – Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.

In this case, I reused all the Easter supplies that Melia got from her friend Ryan the other day, down to the basket and chocolate eggs.  (Thanks, Amy C!)


There was a gorgeous red-leafed tree above, so I shot this straight up to get the red color around Ian’s head.

And the sun from behind created a glowy outline, which makes this look Heavenly.  Awww, my little monkey!


Monkey is so cute sitting here to rest.  He’s so compact and little.  Oh… and he needs a haircut!


I thought of my cousin David Tao when I shot this photo.  He teased me when we had a Tao Cousin mini reunion in Napa, by saying things like, “Are you taking pictures of Nothing, again?”

Why, yes!

Here’s my photo of “nothing”…. 😉


(I liked the pattern of the gate against the orange and green tree above!)

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