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I have a three-part photoshoot for the Downtown Oakland YMCA.

Yesterday’s photoshoot was part one.  It mainly consisted of capturing images of the Seniors, Child Watch and many of the programs, like Circuit Training, Yoga, Tai Chi and Zumba.

I met some terrific people — from the staff and class instructors to the members!

I definitely felt the pride people had in belonging to the YMCA and also the strength in the community services from the staff members.  I walked around with Laura Henry, the Director of Marketing, who knew most of the members by name, and if she didn’t, she asked them what it was, so she could learn it!  It is fabulous when “a job” becomes personal.  🙂

The Facility

This YMCA facility is amazing!

I’ve paid big bucks for memberships at premier health clubs in San Francisco and the East Bay, and Downtown Oakland’s YMCA is just as nice, but at a reasonable price AND you get a sense of belonging here!  You can’t beat that.

Be Strong

Be Fit

Be Happy

Be Healthy

Over the past 4 years, Karuna Anurak got serious about being healthy.  With a combination of eating better from Weight Watchers and sweating it out in Jack’s classes at the YMCA, Karuna lost so much weight that she lost many pants sizes!  What she has accomplished is phenomenal!

Be Youthful

Cleophas Williams (86 years old) and his wife, Sadie (85 years old), have been regular members of the Downtown Oakland YMCA for years.

Sadie proudly told us how her husband leaves the house at 5am every morning to come to the Y to work out.  She says she never even sees him leave because it is so early!  I’d be the same:  snuggled warm in my bed!

The Williams are such an inspiration to us all!

Be Amazing!

Zumba class — just one of the many classes taught by top-notch instructors who will help you look and feel amazing!

Stay tuned for an outdoor series of photographs coming up in December!  It will be by the beautiful and majestic Lake Merritt.  I can’t wait…

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