Tis the season…

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

…to deck your halls with photographic artwork.

I was trying to be creative with the title, but it comes across more like a shameless plug!

One of my dear clients ordered a 10×20 storyboard from her last year’s photoshoot.  With each storyboard creation, clients get to preview the design before I send it to the lab for printing and finishing.  So the rest of this post is client-specific…



Note: The thin black line will not be on your print.  The line is to mark the edges of the paper, so you can visualize where the frame will be.  The images will be printed professionally on one 10×20 photographic paper.

This is what I did:

– I cropped Ally’s photo to be more vertical.  Also did some editing work.

– I lightened the kids in the horizontal shot because they were a little dark from their positioning to the sun.  I also cropped out some of the “white space” to accommodate the storyboard design, so as a result, the kids are more centered than the original photo.

– I played around with Griffin’s shot to see if I liked a tighter shot of his face to match Ally’s portrait, but I didn’t like it as much.  A tighter shot of his face means we’d lose some great details, like Griffin’s cool haircut and his stylin’ flip flops!  So instead, I cropped a tiny bit at the top and adjusted the brightness/contrast.


As I was editing the photos to create your storyboard, it jumped out at me that these images would look awesome in BxW!

So here is what your storyboard would look like with BxW images, so you can compare and contrast.  Having a color or a BxW storyboard is a personal preference.


This is with a larger version of Griffin, so that he is better ‘balanced’ with his sister’s solo photo!

FYI:  This is the largest Griffin could be for this photo without losing his shoes or cropping too much of his hair.

Lee_1_c copy


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