Toddler Model Kelsey

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Late this morning, I took headshots of a red-head, named Kelsey.  She is all of 2 1/2 years old, and she is already “drop dead gorgeous”!

This was a mini shoot because all we needed was one good headshot, but I have so many favorites that I can’t choose just one.

Here are only a few of my favorites!


When shooting kids, I shoot a lot — especially if they are active or shy, so that I don’t miss that one second when they look up, smile or laugh.

Kelsey was warm and sweet when she saw me, but started sucking on her thumb when she knew she had to be “on” for the camera.   All it took was a little distraction by mommy who stood behind me, or sat near her (but not immediately next to her, so she could stay out of the shots).


See what I mean?  Gorgeous, right?!!


I wanted to highlight her hair — soft, red and curly…


Watch out World.  Make room for Model Kelsey!

[To see photos of Kelsey last year, click here.  Her mom was my Tribute To Moms Contest winner!]

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