Vintage Room In The Garden

After this Saturday’s engagement session, a few things are certain…

1.  Styled shoots are da bomb!  (Must do more.)

2.  No one says da bomb anymore.  (Must stop.)

3.  Location and light scouting always pays off.

4.  Vintage furniture — though all only $100 or less — can look like a million bucks if placed in the right way!

Angela loves lace, peonies and all things pink, so we set up a very romantic vintage “room” in a garden of wildflowers.

The set was gorgeous and the garden backdrop was swoon-worthy, which only highlighted a couple who is perfectly matched!

Angela and Jake were playful and teased each other a lot, like school kids with a crush.  Funny enough, Angela is a grade school teacher, so she must be used to this level of silliness.  😉

Oooooooh… I have too many Favorites in this gallery, so I’ll keep this sneak peek super short and post more later.  Perhaps I’ll add this to my Featured Gallery list, so stay tuned!

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