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Well-Rested New Parents, An Oxymoron?

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Stylin’ in his designer duds and Paul Frank Bugaboo, 11-day old Brenden eats well, cries quietly and only when he’s hungry, and sleeps a straight 4+ hours at night, leaving his parents, Soon and Christine, looking fresh and well-rested for today’s photoshoot!

I was in amazement, can you tell?  Now if only every parent had that same good-newborn-sleeper-so-you-can-sleep-too experience!

Brenden & Brenden’s Stunning Mommy


Lounging In The Buff


Who Needs A Crib…

…when you have a drawer?!!  Tee hee.


Modern Art Baby


Peace & Love

Watching your own baby sleep is probably the most peaceful sight in the World to a parent! 


Surprise Kisses

As Mommy Christine admired all of Brenden’s deliciousness, Daddy Soon came over and surprised Christine with kisses.

Hmmmm… although in this photo, it looks more like Soon is pulling a Mike Tyson and trying to bite her ear!

That would be no surprise to me as I witnessed him playfully “biting” Brenden’s feet and pretending to devour Brenden’s head throughout the photoshoot!  He is one nutball.  Maybe that’s why we get along so well!  🙂


Qu’est-ce que c’est?

I don’t remember my Middle School French very well, so here’s the English version in case I butchered the spelling… What is it?

Just for kicks, can you tell what this is or how I created the photo?

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