Kate at the Ferry Building

A beautiful Los Angeles baby Kate (5 months old) visited San Francisco on her mommy, Michele’s birthday.  It is also Michele’s very first Mother’s Day, so it was an extra special photoshoot!

Here is the Ferry Building at 8:30am.  Already people lining up at every store!


I wonder at what age babies know that’s their own reflection.


The yellow glow is from the premium olive oil bottles that lined the walls.


A peach for a peach.  🙂


I took this photo through a gap in a wire display of boxed chocolates.

I LOVE the color patterns and the framing of mommy stealing a kiss.  The fact that you only see a part of Michele and Kate’s faces puts an emphasis on the kiss itself.


A visit to San Francisco means we MUST take a photo of the Bay Bridge.  I have a bunch of great family portraits of Michele, Al and Kate, but this one is my favorite because they are relaxed and just being themselves.


I love the lighting in this photo of the Bay Bridge.  The sun sat just above the bridge and made parts of the water dance with reflections.


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  1. brenda

    LOVE this photo of the bay and the bridge!

  2. brenda

    You have an way with that camera, and capture the beauty in people so well. The photos are natural, how the people are when they are not in front of a camera… Brilliant!

  3. Michele

    Couldn’t wait to see these photos on a computer when we got home. I love them all and particularly the one with us in the mirror, but the one that brought tears to my eyes is the one you took between the white and green chocolate boxes. The look in Kate’s eyes says it all. Thank you so much for capturing these special moments!

  4. James

    Great pictures! She’s a cutie.

  5. Giin

    beautiful family!!! kate is really just the prettiest doll ever!

  6. Brenda

    love the yellow glow photo, the way you captured both michele and baby kate’s expressions and how the focus is on that adorable baby with her beautiful bright eyes and sweet smile!

  7. Annie

    Kate was such a good baby. Cute and mellow. She smiled when I played with her, ate when she was hungry, and napped when she was tired! Such an angel. The location had it’s set of challenges – mostly bec it is usually so crowded there on the weekends with the farmer’s market. But it was also Mother’s Day weekend, so it was extra crowded from out-of-towners. I had to get creative with the shots. Plus, it happened to be one of the sunniest mornings in SF I’ve ever seen! So we ended up staying indoors most of the time, so I had play with angles and camera settings to get the right exposure indoors. The coolest part is that Michele and Al are so kick back that even in the hustle and bustle of the ferry building, we were just hanging out and going with the flow. I loved it!

  8. Gil

    Very cute pictures! I especially like the one with the mirror.

  9. binh

    if only there was one of Kate grubbing on a burger at Taylors …..perhaps in time. she’s very adorable and the photos are great.

  10. Annie

    I used to eat at Taylor’s all the time when I’d visit the ferry building, so it was weird for me to leave without getting a burger. So it’s funny you say that, Binh. On my way home, I had to stop by In N Out to satisfy my craving. 😛

  11. I was disturbed by Annie’s humor (i.e., a constant stream of put-downs and insults) throughout the shoot. I was an emotional wreck afterwards and found myself whimpering in the corner alone.

    But the pictures are very good and I strongly recommend her.

  12. Annie

    Al, you must have been on a different photoshoot because on mine, the dad was the one making these wisecrack remarks. 😉

    Thanks for a fun morning and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip to the Bay Area!

  13. Sunny Ahn

    To Kate, I am kissing! How lovely family this is!

  14. Amy Nguyen

    OMG! what wonderful shots!! i just happened to be checking out yourlatest work and was happily surprised to see pics of the Tongs!! what a small world. kate’s such a cutie!