My new name is Coco?

Who’s Coco?

Sweet little 3-year old Nyaah kept calling me Coco.  She knew my name was Annie and used that periodically when she slipped up and forgot.  And when she remembered, she’d go back to calling me Coco because it made us all laugh!

Meet Nyaah


“Look!  I am a monkey!”



Always Running

I would make my best attempt to run ahead, so I can get shots of the C. Family altogether, but I’d turn and always see Nyaah following closely behind me!  It was really cute.

Sometimes, when I successfully sneaked away, I’d hear a little voice say, “Where’s Annie?”  That’s how I knew she knew my real name!


I love how this image captures how Nyaah runs.  Her arms swinging, her knees pulled up high, her eyes focused on the ground… it shows her age.  In a year from now, she will run differently!


A Tender Moment

I love this photo of Nyaah and her dad looking at each other and sharing a laugh more than the ones where they were all looking at me.

The reason for this is that this photo captured a real moment… an emotion.  As most of you know, you can’t make young children smile just because there’s a camera pointed at them.  And if you can, the smiles look saccharin or forced.  This photo makes me smile!


Some Artistic Faves

I always take some standard shots of the children and family, but my favorites are usually the more atypical ones — whether it’s due to the perspective, composition, or emotion captured.

Concerned About the Loose Dog


Jumping To Catch The Leaves


Jungle Gym


Ballet Steps


I had a lot of fun hanging out with the C. Family and playing with Nyaah today that I told Nyaah she could call me Coco any time she wants!

So, Coco it is!

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  1. OMG! Annie, I call my nephew that, Coco as his nickname. Love it!

  2. Betsy F.

    Great pics, as always! I really love the way that the light is hitting Nyaah’s mom’s hair in the family pic. 🙂

  3. Michelle


    The way you captured the images of my family will give us a lifetime of memory. Capturing Nyaah’s expressions and playfulness document Nyaah’s age. I absolutely, absolutely love the photos! I appreciate your talent, Coco. Nyaah enjoyed the time we spent with you. Thank you for being so playful and so great with her. She looks forward to seeing Coco soon! When we look at these photos many years later, we’ll smile as memories of this age floods us with emotions. Endless thank you for the wonderful photos. Now we have a photographer that will capture our baby girl growing up.

  4. these are lovely pictures