Call Me Crazy

Call me Crazy, but today’s shoot ended at 6pm!  And yet, after I raced home to make it to dinner with my family, I managed to spend time with my monkeys before their bedtime, clean up, upload all my files from my camera, do some editing work AND find time to blog by 10pm!

Okay, I lied.  I didn’t clean up.  You should see my kitchen!  On second thought, it’s a good thing you can’t see it!

Oh wait, I still have laundry to finish too!  It may be a long night.  Well, I blogged about my day’s shoot, which is close to being a miracle since it was a late shoot.  So I am still happy!

Here is a small handful of my favorites from today…

Summer Glow


In The Buff

Nolan just turned 1 year old a few days ago!  So naturally, we needed some photos of him in his birthday suit!

I love the sparkle in his eyes and the soft look on his face.  And you gotta love baby skin.  It’s so white that it’s almost a shade of pink!

This photo, by the way, was straight-out-of-the-camera!  Isn’t the lighting and the colors amazing?


A Second Wind

Audrey, who is 2 1/2, was happy doing her own thing for most of the photoshoot… until the end!  She started performing her tumbling exercises and somersaults for us to enjoy!

I have a great shot of Audrey looking straight at me, but I prefer this one of her looking off to the side.  Her smile is so sweet and her crouching position shows how she is being playful.



Who needs a formal family shot anyway?!!  Okay, okay, I jest.  Pretty much we all like having a nice formal shot.  But isn’t this photo hilarious?!!  I would print this one on Metallic paper and have it framed, or have it on a Standout Mount!



You can’t instruct, order, or even bribe a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old to pose for the camera — unless they are cartoons on tv!

So this photo is like hitting the jackpot!

And in case you’re wondering, to get this shot, we sat Nolan in the middle of the bridge and just hoped for the best.  Audrey hopped like a bunny up and down the path and hugged her little brother in the end!  You should’ve heard all of us cheering with joy.  This one was worth the wait!  🙂


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  1. amy nguyen

    Annie, Annie, Annie!!! We cannot believe that you found time to blog tonight, after racing around in 95 degree temps, dealing with two fussy munchkins and two other sweaty (and fussy? =)parents! LOL. Thanks so much!! These shots are so fun! And I can’t believe that you managed to get such a great shot of Audrey (Miss Fussiness today!!) in! Now THAT was a minor miracle considering… And I LOVE the swing pic! You’re so creative! Can’t wait to see the others!!! Thank you, thank you again! Now get showered and rested!!!

  2. amy nguyen

    oh, one more thing! i’m still cracking up at myself for bringing all that stuff…including at least 2 wardrobe changes for the kids! LOL. boy, was i being wishful! i should have known. audrey’s been soooooo fussy with the whole picture-taking thing lately! THANK GOODNESS you’re so great with kids!!

  3. Ong Ngoai Phuong

    Simply wonderful photos!
    I like these photos in action, eventhough time consuming sought and caught. On the other hand, I would be definetely attracted to Annie Tao if ever I was still young with faces as wonderful as those kids’. Thank you, Uyen & Daric. Annie Taois excellent photographer, I believe!