Little Miracles Grow

Oh how I love watching these little miracles grow!  I still can’t believe they were born at 25 weeks gestation!  And now they are zipping around me.  Thankfully I was equipped with my 70-200mm zoom lens!  🙂

It warmed my heart to see Lucas, Alivia and Sophia grow into these amazing toddlers.  And I got to document their life’s journey thus far!

[Click here to see some of their newborn photos and one year photos!]

Alivia and Sophia

DSC_4463bg DSC_4397bg

Playing with “Papa”

Lucas had an instant smile when he played with grandpa!


Did I Do That?

DSC_4472bg DSC_4479bg


It was quite the challenge to get my favorite little triplets to be photographed together.  They are almost always running… and in different directions, of course!


Funny Moments

Below Left: Not much has changed since Dan and Lyla got married at this alter a few years ago.  Alright, alright.  Maybe just a little! 🙂

Below Right: The best toys are not toys!

DSC_8838bg DSC_4659bg

Angels Taking A Break

These little angels took off their wings to rest their tired little 21 months old feet.  (They really did have wings!)


Mother and Daughter

I know what you’re thinking… and I thought the same thing.  There’s no way that woman is a grandmother!  And is it really fair to have that many gorgeous people in the same family?  🙂


Model Mama

I volunteered Lyla to be my model after we finished with the family shoot!

DSC_4786bg DSC_8981bg

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  1. Thanks so much Annie! We had a great time on Saturday morning with you 🙂 It’s always nice seeing you! You always have great creative ideas & are so wonderful to work with. The sneak peek brings a big smile to our faces. We loved going back to the newborn and 1 year old shoot sneak peeks too. It’s amazing how fast kiddos grow! It’s nice to see their personalities & stages captured in your photos. Your photos are so special to us! We can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks again Annie for your wonderful work!