The Big Fall

Since I’m still nursing my aches and pains from my big fall last Saturday (during THIS photoshoot), I will not make my usual *cough* witty commentary on each photo.

I’m not dizzy as I was the day I fell and hit my head (and ended up in the Emergency Room), but I still can’t think straight sometimes.  Forming sentences is sometimes a struggle and doing routine activities can take longer.  In fact, I’ve attempted to write this blog 3 times in the past 2 days!  Until my head and other injuries fully heal, you will be seeing some photos with very few words.  Maybe that is a blessing in disguise for all you readers, huh?!!  ;)

So nevermind the text portion; here are a few photos to share…






Pasquini112010-64ed Pasquini112010-67bg

[Click here to see little Maddie’s first Diva photoshoot in June 2010.]

And thank you to all of my thoughtful and caring clients and “fans” for sending well wishes!  I am optimistic that everything will heal smoothly.  You guys are the best!

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  1. I’m a tad biased here. I love the models…(ehem…little Maddie and my good friend (mommy) Millo. Annie…what can I say, you are brilliant with every shot you take.

  2. These are so Maddie! Those ducks bit Maddie’s hand too. But what great shots. Thank you for enduring the cold weather and the unfortunate accident. I hope you are back to your quick steps very, very soon.

  3. Nicholas Loh

    Get well soon Annie.

    Regards – Nicholas
    Penang – Malaysia