The Big Fall

Since I’m still nursing my aches and pains from my big fall last Saturday (during THIS photoshoot), I will not make my usual *cough* witty commentary on each photo.

I’m not dizzy as I was the day I fell and hit my head (and ended up in the Emergency Room), but I still can’t think straight sometimes.  Forming sentences is sometimes a struggle and doing routine activities can take longer.  In fact, I’ve attempted to write this blog 3 times in the past 2 days!  Until my head and other injuries fully heal, you will be seeing some photos with very few words.  Maybe that is a blessing in disguise for all you readers, huh?!!  😉

So nevermind the text portion; here are a few photos to share…



[Click here to see little Maddie’s first Diva photoshoot in June 2010.]

And thank you to all of my thoughtful and caring clients and “fans” for sending well wishes!  I am optimistic that everything will heal smoothly.  You guys are the best!

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