Color Me Beautiful! [RS-W1 Camera Strap Giveaway]

Be comfortable.

Be beautiful.

Be an individual.

With a BlackRapid limited edition RS-W1 color strap, you can have it all and a bag of chips.  (Well, you’ll have to supply your own bag of chips!)

Now you can win one of these limited edition BlackRapid RS-W1 camera straps (as shown in this post).  Read the entire post for the details.

BlackRapid-W1-camera-strap-exclusive-colors BlackRapid-W1-camera-strap-exclusive-colors-in-bags

[If you haven’t read my review yet, click here!]



Details to the “Color Me Beautiful” Limited Edition RS-W1 color camera strap giveaway:

* This Giveaway will end on Friday, November 11, 2011 at 6:00pm PSTYea, that’s right…on 11-11-11!

* Each blog comment counts as one entry.

* You can have up to 3 entries per person.  (See the rules below.)  The 1st step is mandatory to enter.

* At the end of the Giveaway, I will choose TWO lucky winners who will win one of the limited edition straps.

* I will contact the winners and they will have 48 hours to respond to my email with their mailing address.  Yours truly will be mailing the strap to you!

* Winning entries will be verified, so please follow the rules.  If an entry is disqualified, a new winner will be chosen.


How to Enter:

1.  Go to my Annie Tao Photography Facebook page, “Like” it, find this Giveaway post on the Wall and leave a comment.  Tell me which color strap is your favorite (as your FB comment).  Then come back to this blog post and tell me that you did this step. *THIS STEP IS MANDATORY TO ENTER

If you want to increase your odds of winning, here are more entry opportunities….

2.  Go to BlackRapid’s Facebook page and “Like it”.  If you want, you can leave them some FB love on their Wall (optional).  Then come back to this blog post and tell me you did this step.

3.  Tell me your creative vision.  Leave a comment in this blog post with a color or design pattern you’d like to see on a camera strap.  Or, if there’s a camera strap that isn’t on the market yet that you’d like to see, tell me what that is.  I can’t guarantee it’ll be made (heck, I don’t work for BlackRapid), but you never know!

[Reminder: Be sure you are making separate comments for each of these steps.  Each blog comment is one entry!  If you do all 3 steps, you should have 3 comments (one for each step completed).  At the end of the Giveaway, I will choose two numbers, which will determine the winners.  Email me or write on my FB wall if you have any questions!]

Good luck, my friends!  And thank you, BlackRapid, for supplying the products for this Giveaway.


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  1. Phuong Thao Dang

    I have just left a comment on the Giveaway post in your FB wall ^^~

  2. I would love the silver strap. Thanks for setting up this give away!

  3. I also liked the BlackRapid’s Facebook page. Thanks again!

  4. I forgot to tell you I liked your Facebook page as well. Sorry for the multiple posts.

  5. Liked your facebook post and commented. Hope I win! 😀

  6. Phuong Thao Dang

    Well, I’ve clicked “Like” BlackRapid’s Facebook page, too ^^”

  7. I would like to see a deep purple strap. Nothing too bright, something that can blend in while wearing more formal clothing, but still a girl color. Thanks again!

  8. Also “Liked” the Blackrapod page too. Thanks 😀

  9. Phuong Thao Dang

    And I would like to see a brown strap with some decoration in the shape of white cameras or white tripods on it ^^ Thank you!

  10. I would like to see a black polka dot or pink strap. There aren’t enough feminine photography accessories on the market.

  11. I posted on your blog and commented. Again, Thanks for doing this!

  12. Willie Ow

    Just posted on FB

  13. Willie Ow

    I’ve also “liked ” the Rapid page. Thx

  14. Kim Maxwell

    posted my fav color (and some ideas for other favs)

  15. I liked your FB page and have been a BlackRapid fan for a long time so did not have to like thier page 🙂

  16. Kim Maxwell

    yep loving Black Rapids page too even thought I don’t have one of their straps yet a friend let me borrow hers and I loved it.

  17. (from my FB comment) I like the blue strap… wait the green strap… or the gray… How you gonna go wrong with BlackRapid? I like them all! Thanks for chance to get one!

  18. ruslan

    Annie Tao Photography-I like the green !

  19. I just posted on your FB wall my favorite color and its the Blue Ridge!

  20. FB “like” done

  21. I am a fan of Black Rapid on Facebook (have been for a long time now). 😀

  22. I have also liked the blackrapid page.

  23. I would like to see a chevron print design (Missoni inspired) or even a collaboration with a designer for some limited edition straps. That would be awesome!

  24. Kim Maxwell

    creative vision – red or purple would be nice. I like the damask black pattern. Wish it was a little easier to shorten. I couldn’t quite figure it out on the one a friend let me borrow. Also if the strap had a tad of storage for a battery or more cards.

  25. ruslan

    BlackRapit to live forever!!!

  26. I’ve already Liked the FB page. I did that a while ago to learn of these contests because it’s my mission in life to win one of these BR straps!

  27. jackie m

    I have done step one and two. And since orange is my favorite color, I love the deep earthy fall orange. Not such a bright orange would be a nice edition for color for the strap!

  28. I Liked Annie Tao’s FB page too.

  29. liked your page and left comment for color preference on post regarding giveaway. I have been wanting an RSW1 since the day I discovered Blackrapid. Actually put in an order for one (or so I thought). Turned out I accidentally ordered the wrong strap. It’s still a great strap though, so didn’t return it.

  30. oh, have been a fan of blackrapid for quite a while now. didn’t need to like the page as I had done that ages ago.

  31. I like the green strap, and the gray/silver one too as both would be great for urban environments. However, I think one in Multicam [] would be most excellent for when I’m going for low profile work in the wilderness. Thanks!

  32. I left a comment on your FB post.

  33. I also “Like” Blackrapid’s FB page.

  34. i would LOVE to see the RSW1 in a dark purple with a filigree pattern in the purple. Something to make it look a little more feminine without making it extremely girly.

  35. bill persinger

    sure hope i win one

  36. Natalie

    I am now in “Like” with BlackRapid.

  37. Natalie

    A guaranteed winner would be a black strap with little pink skulls and cross bones all over it.

  38. Thanks again for this generous opportunity! I’m an amature photographer and hope to one day, make beautiful art with my pictures. I liked your page and can’t wait to look at all your photos =)

  39. Natalie

    Wishing I could “Love” your FB page, but I’ll have to settle for already having “liked” it.

  40. I “liked” your FB and posted that I chose the Stone Way color.

  41. I “liked” Black Rapid and left them some “?”. 😉

  42. Lisa Osta

    I did step 1 & 2. Seeing some color on the straps is great! As far as my vision, I always like something red, even if it is just a little flourish.

  43. I “liked” blackrapid’s page a long time ago. I think their strap is a genius invention!

  44. For some strange reason I’m obsessed with Damask patterns and Fleur de Lis. I would like to see fuchsia/black, brown/blue, black/silver damask. The colors could be customized to the photographer’s fave colors or to their brand.

  45. I liked your page and already had liked BR’s page on FB. My creative visioning general is to capture emotion and/or states of mind. My vision for a strap is a black and ivory bold fluer de lis pattern or floral pattern. A little modern, a little feminine, but strong at the same time.

  46. wow, kimberly, we think alike.

  47. A dark purple one would be Fabulous! =)

  48. Ardie Arguelles

    I just did steps one and two..Good luck to all participants..

    *”say cheese”..:D*

  49. Ardie Arguelles

    how about a white strap with some blacks and grays to resemble the white DSLR lenses…:)

  50. sherry everett

    sure could of used one of these Black Rapid straps last night while photographing my grand daugher out trick-or-treating! liked you page!

  51. Romeesa Fore

    “Liked” your page and commented on the giveaway post! Thanks!

  52. I liked your page and left a comment under your giveaway. Great photography! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  53. I “like” Black Rapid.

  54. I would love to see a nice tropical looking floral pattern using some soft pastel colors. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  55. I liked your FB page and left a comment. Now I am enjoying your blog! Great work, beautiful photography. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  56. Went to BlackRiapid’s FB. Thanks!

  57. Sorry, my puppy jumped on my keyboard and caused me to misspell BlackRapid!

  58. I would love to have one in burgundy (my favorite color). But I will be happy with a strap that doesn’t come apart at the seams! Thanks for your giveaway!

  59. Gauri Webster

    I am already a fan of Annie Tao on fb…now i ahve added a comment too:) Thanks!

  60. Gauri Webster

    Liked BlackRapi’s page and left some love!

  61. Gauri Webster

    I am an amateur hobby photographer…..i love doing landscapes and people shots…one day I hope to hold my own photography exhibition!!!

  62. Eileen

    Liked your FB page and left a comment for the blue strap … thanks! Reading through your blogs and love your photos!

  63. Eileen

    Also liked BlackRapid’s FB page. Thanks again for your giveaway!

  64. Eileen

    Step 3 – a wine-colored/burgundy strap would be fabulous. 🙂

  65. Step 1 complete 🙂 I love the blue strap.

  66. Step 2 now completed also 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed!

  67. Step 3…..I love the classic look of black and white patterns so that would be nice as well as to make sure the inside of the strap is soft and comfy!

  68. beth p

    Left my comment on your FB page indicating that I really like the green one. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  69. beth p

    Left my comment on Black Rapids FB page. BR is on my Xmas list for sure if I don’t win this!

  70. beth p

    Auberguine is my fav color – would love to see something in that color scheme and the ability to custom print my business name on it.

  71. Navin Kumar

    I would love to have a strap of black color with some dark grey design on it, a design symbolizing the INFINITY sign. i love to keep the things classy .

  72. David Perez

    Annie Tao Photography. I like RS-W1C Stone Way. Left my comment on Black Rapids FB page.

  73. David Perez

    Annie Tao Photography. I like RS-W1C Stone Way. Left my comment on Annie Tao Photography FB page.

  74. David Perez

    I like red wine color.

  75. Nick Cisko

    I have liked your facebook page!

  76. Nick Cisko

    I liked black rapids facebook page as well!!

  77. Nick Cisko

    I think if black rapid would make a new strap i think a great idea would be to add a tripod hole to the bottom of the screw in port that goes into your camera. Also a nice blue color would be nice 🙂

  78. I like Annie Tao Photography on FB and posted my comment that the silver strap is my favorite.

  79. I like Black Rapid’s FB.

  80. Lesley

    Liked and commented on Annie Tao Photography’s Facebook – the Stone Way silver-gray strap is the one I like best, although I think they’re all great.

  81. Lesley

    Now following Black Rapid on Twitter, although I thought I already was – I was following BlackRapidTV!

  82. Lesley

    I’d like to see a black strap with multi-color metallic threads running through it.

  83. Heather

    Liked and commented on the post, * love the blue one*

  84. Heather

    *Liked the BlackRapids facebook page!

  85. Heather

    I would love to see a dark purple strap!

  86. Sigfried baterina

    Shoot. I haven’t been online lately. And it’s only now that i got to post here. Does that mean i ain’t qualified(or does my facebook commentS count?) -SIG BAT

  87. Lavon Figueroa

    I did the fb step 🙂 I liked, commented and posted <3 {silver}

  88. Lavon Figueroa

    I liked Black Rapid 2 <3

  89. Lavon Figueroa

    I would love to see two tones (black on black animal print) Also in earthy colors prints 😉

  90. I liked your page, a while ago. You’re work is beautiful! I commented on the post. Blue Ridge. <3

  91. I’m a Black Rapid fan! I liked them. 😉

  92. I would love to be able to attach the camera to my tripod; with the Black Rapid strap still attached. I think more colors & patterns would be fabulous, too!! 🙂 Thanks Annie and Black Rapid for this awesome giveaway!!

  93. I liked and commented on your page. 🙂

  94. I liked Black Rapid’s FB page.

  95. Some great, bold colors would be fun and maybe even different pattern options. Customized straps with your logo on them would be a nice touch too.

  96. mrhans1313

    Like BlackRapid Facebook page.

  97. mrhans1313

    Like Annie Tao Photography Facebook page & comment.

  98. I liked your Facebook page.

  99. I liked black rapid Facebook page

  100. I love the idea of being able to put personalized logos on the straps. Also a good Victorian vintage print would be nice.

  101. Wynett

    Step one completed

  102. Wynett

    I liked the Blackrapid page

  103. Wynett

    Two colors I would love to see in the black rapid strap is orange and red. Better yet lets have a variety of colors available.

  104. I liked your page

  105. and liked BR’s page on FB

  106. I would love to see a damask pattern!! <3

  107. I liked your page and posted on your wallpost!

  108. I liked Black Rapid’s page!

  109. I’d love to see a carbon fiber checkered design…

  110. Soo Chen

    hi annie, i did it… i like blue .. and silver

  111. I left a comment on your FB Giveaway wall posts. Green!

  112. I left a comment on your FB page!

  113. Left some love on BR’s FB page!

  114. I like you and posted on Facebook!

  115. Also, I would love to see one in deep plum or purple!

  116. I “liked” your facebook page and posted that I also like the blue strap 🙂

  117. I like the Black Rapid facebook page and I love my current Black Rapid strap but would really love a blue strap 🙂

  118. Helen Wilton

    I’d love to see a dark red strap

  119. I have left a comment under this same name on your FB page. I would like the blue strap, for my girlfriend. I’m slowly getting her into photography, I think this strap will help a lot. Ideas for straps: some kind of anti-tangle material would be great. it’s the single most annoying thing about any strap, when they twist and tangle when stored in the bag.

  120. Sorry, meant to say I liked black rapid’s page too.

  121. Since I usually wear black when I shoot, all of the colors would match! I will even supply YOU with a bag of chips!

  122. Step one done. I liked BlackRapid long ago. 😉

    Suggestion for new BlaclRapid strap… I’d love to see a basic black strap, with a rainbow pack of insert colors. It would be nice to customize our straps to go with clothing, our moods, or special events.

  123. Got through step two. Left comment, since I’d already liked them.

  124. Oops, told “creative color vision” in step one. Customizable basic black BlackRapid strap, with color inserts.

    Another thing I’d love to see, already mentioned to BR months ago… A pocket for iPhone or othe small item we need to have with us.

  125. Karen Hernandez

    Hi Annie! Glad you did this so I could find your site. I am a new fan, but have been a fan of BR for some time now. All I want for Christmas is a Black Rapid strap…no seriously! lol They are so cool!

  126. Karen Hernandez

    I would really like to see BR combine color and texture. My favorite was the black floral which seemed a little more elegant. I love the look of velvet cutwork. But I would also like to see them make them with function. Why not put a little pocket somewhere.

  127. Leti Uranga

    Hi Annie! I went to your Facebook page and Liked it. I also left a comment on the strap I would love – that would be the blue one. Can’t wait to read your blog and facebook!

  128. Leti Uranga

    I went to BlackRapid’s Facebook page and I Like it already.
    Great products!

  129. Leti Uranga

    My creative vision is a black strap with the pink Breast Cancer ribbons or even the purple cancer ribbons

  130. jasmin rieza-olaso

    i did step no. 1.

  131. jasmin rieza-olaso

    i also did the step 2.;)

  132. jasmin rieza-olaso

    for that creative vision…i would LOVE to see my strap in RED.

  133. I entered on your FB wall 🙂

  134. I liked BlackRapid on facebook

  135. My first Manual camera back in the day had a guitar strap and I thought I was pretty cool! haha

  136. kaushik

    d first step regarding the favorite color is done.

  137. kaushik

    BlackRapid facebook page is liked

  138. kaushik

    well for the creative side i would love to see straps with the name of the camera manufacturers so that people can choose the strap according to their camera manufacturers.
    for example ‘Canon’ users can use straps with Canon written over it and ‘Nikon’ users can use straps with Nikon written over it.
    thank you 🙂

  139. Romeesa Fore

    Already “liked” blackrapid 🙂

  140. Romeesa Fore

    I’d LOVE a purple one to be made! or paisley, polka dots, or stripes!

  141. Karthika Gupta

    I like the blue one…left a comment on the giveaway post on FB too.

  142. Karthika Gupta

    Just “liked” BlackRapid on Facebook too

  143. Karthika Gupta

    My idea would be the ability to design your own colors…I am loving the colors of the flag and think this could be a great way to show your patriotism and pride in your country (which ever that might be) 😉