Dreaming About Baby

The beautiful Arezou and her husband, Pedram, are expecting a baby this Spring.  There are many thoughts and emotions that expectant parents have during this time (mostly excitement and love!!!), and I feel so fortunate to be the one to document this amazing time for them.

This San Francisco Lifestyle Maternity Photography session could have run into a bump in the road (see what I did there?!!  hee hee) because the weather forecast slated that day to be rainy with periods of HAIL!  Instead, we had gorgeous weather and had a ton of fun because this lovely couple were relaxed, ready to try anything, and enjoyed their time together.

I loved walking around with Arezou and Pedram, hearing their love story and how they met when they were at school, and getting to know them.  I know they will be incredible parents, and I can’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy who will be loved endlessly.  <3












Every image from this shoot is a “favorite”, but these two images below have a special meaning because they were taken in unlikely places!  (They were both next to heavily traversed areas.)

San-Francisco-lifestyle-maternity-photography-pregnant-woman-feeling-belly-by-two-sets-of-buildings  San-Francisco-lifestyle-maternity-photography-pregnant-woman-twirling-in-hilly-field-of-callalilies


When you’re in a highly photographed location, look for different ways to see it.  🙂

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  1. Andrew

    Great pictures!

    It’s interesting in the second-to-the-last picture how the background elements create an interesting layer. It looks really flat and the layers have distinct lines.

    Where’s the light bouncing from in the last picture?

    Also, how many shots did you try taking to get the bird looking the right way? That’s funny.


    • Hi Andrew,

      In that 2nd to the last image, the half wall is pretty far and the ocean is EVEN further, so the entire background looks pretty flat in comparison to my subject. I believe I shot that wide open (f/1.4), so it was bokeh working for me!

      In the last shot, the bright patches of light was from the clouds! There actually wasn’t a building or anything next to us to bounce light. It was early morning, so the sun was low and the clouds diffused the light a little.

      I only took one shot of the bird! When I saw my couple sitting there, I noticed the bird right away and that it was eyeing their food. So I knew I wanted 2 shots: one of my couple with the bird in the background, and one of the bird focused and my couple in the foreground. So I just focused on the bird and waited a few seconds until it had its head in the right position! Oh yea! 🙂