Dreaming About Baby

The beautiful Arezou and her husband, Pedram, are expecting a baby this Spring.  There are many thoughts and emotions that expectant parents have during this time (mostly excitement and love!!!), and I feel so fortunate to be the one to document this amazing time for them.

This San Francisco Lifestyle Maternity Photography session could have run into a bump in the road (see what I did there?!!  hee hee) because the weather forecast slated that day to be rainy with periods of HAIL!  Instead, we had gorgeous weather and had a ton of fun because this lovely couple were relaxed, ready to try anything, and enjoyed their time together.

I loved walking around with Arezou and Pedram, hearing their love story and how they met when they were at school, and getting to know them.  I know they will be incredible parents, and I can’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy who will be loved endlessly.  <3

Every image from this shoot is a “favorite”, but these two images below have a special meaning because they were taken in unlikely places!  (They were both next to heavily traversed areas.)


When you’re in a highly photographed location, look for different ways to see it.  🙂

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