2nd Place in Movement Competition

I entered my first art competition on OVA (Online Professional Visual Artists Forum).  OVA is a forum for all visual artists, not just photographers.  The competitions are voted by peers rather than judges.  It’s nice to win based on what the “experts” agree on, but there’s something sort of special when you win based on your “peers” — in this case, other artists.

This month’s theme was:  MOVEMENT.

The Movement competition was exciting!  There were 2 ties:  2 tied for first place (my photograph was one of them) and 2 tied for 2nd place.  Then there was a run-off for the 2 who tied for first.  I lost by one point.  Yep, one.  But I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I’d be because there were really nice artwork submitted!  I was competing among many great artists.  So I am happy that I placed 2nd!

The 3 artwork that won are displayed for a month at the top of their website.  Check ’em out!

Here is my winning photograph, titled:  The Catch!


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