This 3-year old cutie is called “Baby” by her parents.  I love it.  People who don’t have kids may find that odd, and I would have too a few years ago.  But now, with 3 munchkins, I still call my eldest “Baby”… and she is 5.5 years old now!  Ha ha ha…

Importance of Light

Man, I love this series!

The light in these shots was just as important as capturing the beautiful interaction between Molly (“Baby”) and her mommy.  If they were standing in the shadowy area, these photos would look pretty ho-hum.



There are many quirky things about me.  Here is one:  I have a thing about doors.

On a trip to Chicago many many moons ago, I did an entire photoshoot of just doors. On all my trips since then, I still notice interesting doors, doorways and windows.


Pops of Color


First Encounter

Little Molly had never seen a clown before…


Big and Little

My funny photo of the day…


Here’s A Quiz!

Molly is

A.  Entertained by the clown’s juggling act.

B. Wondering why the clown is wearing a red ball on his nose.

C.  Curious why men don’t know how to put on makeup properly.

D.  Scared stiff.


A Pile of Leaves

No toys needed.  We had leaves, sticks and rocks!


[Click here to see Molly’s January 2010 shoot in an unexpected place or her March 2009 toddler shoot!]

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