A Beautiful Bump

Today’s lifestyle maternity photography session was held in two locations:  inside my clients’ home and a public park in downtown San Mateo.

With two very different locations, we had a variety of backdrops, activities and lighting.

Talking to Baby


[Photography Tip:  To create images that give a sense of warmth and intimacy, you can pan out, so there are closer objects than your subjects.  This gives the feel of peeking into a private moment.]

Feeling Baby Kick


[Photography Tip:  You can also create a sense of intimacy by zooming in, so there is very little to no background.]

Taking a Moment

Craig and Judy, in a few short weeks, your World is about to change…

A tiny little being will grab your heart and never let go.    🙂


Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

This baby has a lot of love and laughter in store for her.  I just know it!


A Beautiful Momma


A Beautiful Bump


Judy and Craig,

Your baby girl is so lucky to have you two as parents!  And I know she will be adored, protected and loved every day of her life.  Congratulations, again!



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