A Change Is Coming

For Elaine, Victor and Jason, a big change is coming…

In a few days, they will be adopting a baby girl!  So exciting!!!

So this morning’s photoshoot was to document their lives today.


Meet 19-month old Jason.  He is allegedly “shy”, according to his parents, but he played, laughed and ran around like a seasoned pro!  🙂


Mrs. L.

Just like family, Mrs. L. has been helping to take care of Jason since he was a little baby.

I love this shot of Mrs. L. playing with him.  The natural light is boo-tee-ful!


Amazing Lines

We were at a park that had tall trees and a little bridge.  I shot these images to show off the amazing lines.

The below-left image is one of my favorite mood shots.  It’s a tender father and son moment, which I caught.


The Family of Three



Pattern Peek-a-Boo


Sweet Daddy

It was so apparent to me that Victor is a sweet, caring dad.

This image captures the essence of his love for his son.

I focused on Victor’s wedding ring and composed the shot to purposely leave out parts of their heads to give more of a feeling than present it as a portrait.


Elaine and Victor

Alas, my favorite couples shots of the day.  I love shooting couples during a family shoot because they are always unsuspecting.  Tee hee.

What?  Take pictures of us?  Just us?  No kids?

It is typical for parents of little ones to focus more on their roles of mother and father than their roles of husband and wife, and that shows during photoshoots because they want to focus on shots of the children or the family, and usually never think about taking photos of themselves together.

Sometimes I have to coerce couples to take some shots without their kids.  Victor and Elaine paused a little, but they were willing.  🙂

And look how amazing they look in these images.  So fun-loving!


I hope to meet their baby girl soon!

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