A Day In The Life: Dr Ivan

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I went to San Francisco to hang out with my good friend, Ivan – a pulmonary doctor by day, art collector and travel photographer by night.

This is what’s called “A Day In The Life” where a photographer follows someone (or a couple) around for a few hours and basically captures their life on camera.  I haven’t offered this service in the past, but I LOVED it and want to do more!

So here is a day in the life of Dr. Ivan…


I love patterns and interesting light effects.


He had this old typewriter as a collector piece, which I thought was pretty cool.


Out at a local hip cafe for brunch


It was an incredibly warm day, so we hit the beach.  Could hardly believe it’s January in the city!


I’m submitting this one (below) to the Doctors of America 2010 Calendar.  😉


He looks sweet and playful, but this furry guy attacked an itty bitty white dog.  It caused quite a scene and scared the bejeezes outta me!

Here he’s running and playing, so he looks friendly.  Phew.  Oh, and the owners were able to break up the fight, and I think the itty dog came out okay.


This is how Ivan felt about me taking so many photos of him.  He was kidding… I think.

(Just so you know, he didn’t ‘sign up’ for this Day In The Life photoshoot.  I just showed up with my big ol’ camera!)


It was humorous to watch the older nude men walking around, playing ball with themselves (no joke), and posing with tourists who wanted photos with them!


We were about to leave, but we took one last glance before heading back up the stairs.

I love the way he’s standing and the pattern from all the footprints in the sand.


No no, don’t even think about it!  I took this shot because I liked the way his hand was in his pocket, the hole in his jeans, and the textures of the denim against the sand.


The late afternoon sunlight was perfect!  It illuminated the blades of grass in the forefront and ‘blew out’ the water in the distance.  So beautiful!


This was so much fun!  Contact me if you’re interested in doing “A Day In The Life”!

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