A Day In The Life: Larry & Juana

The ultimate gift:  a half-day shoot of Larry and Juana. (This shoot is called “A Day In The Life”, an exclusive session only given out less than a handful of times per year.)

Larry and Juana are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary!!!

When I asked them what was their secret to their marriage, Larry responded quickly and confidently:  “Compromise!”  Juana looked at him and smiled.

Then Larry added, “I always give in to Juana!”  We all had a good laugh!

Much In Love

…even after 40 years of marriage.  What an inspiration!

This is the car they got married in, then totaled right after their wedding!  Apparently, their accident made it into the papers as the “shortest honeymoon ever”.  (They were hit by a drunk driver.  So no drinking and driving, People!)

Years later, Larry found the exact make and model of their wedding car and gave it to Juana as an Anniversary gift!  Soooooo romantic!

Just like teenagers!  😉

This is THE most humorous photo from today!

Driving The Fire Truck

Yes, you read that correctly!  Larry owns a vintage and fully operating fire truck.

Happy Hour at “The Barn”

In The Wine Cellar

Playing With The Grandkids

And here are a bunch of shots of Larry and Juana’s family…

Watching The Popcorn Pop

Looks Like Christmas Morning

That look in Sarah’s eyes looks like a Christmas morning painting by Norman Rockwell!

Playing In The Woods

My Shadow

Sarah Close-Ups

Four Generations

Happy Anniversary to Larry and Juana!  And thank you Katie for coming up with the coolest gift and for choosing me to create the gift to celebrate their 40 years together!

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