A Gem

Sometimes I download apps on my iPhone or iPad for my kids, and I end up playing them!  Now if my kids were teenagers, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but they are young kids, so it’s a little embarrassing.  Surely this has happened to you, right?!!

Anyhow, my almost-7 and 4 year old kids and I all play Pocket Potions.  We have our own potion store and “visit” each other’s store and leave gifts.  It’s surprisingly entertaining and I even bring my former Category Management experience to my potion store in terms of choosing how to merchandise and which products to sell to optimize sales and traffic.  Geeky, I know.  🙂

Whoops, sorry for digressing.

The one part of this game that even my 4 year old understands is that gems are special.  When we get a gem, we are grateful and excited… and sometimes even high-five each other.  Heh heh.

My San Francisco lifestyle family photography session yesterday was a gem!

Like most new clients, I met the K family for the first time at their photoshoot.  We were joking and laughing with each other within minutes, like old friends.  Tatiana even knew what I was saying before I even said anything.  Baby Rafaela enjoyed the photoshoot.  We shot at a park and their home, and captured a variety of activities, looks and moods.

Lifestyle photography is much more than getting the right exposure and knowing how to frame a shot.  It’s also about how to make your subjects relaxed and trust you, so they can be themselves, be tender or romantic or silly.

Dare to Pick Up Beatrice the Banana Slug

Hi Beatrice!  I bet Allen misses you.  😉


It was apparent that Baby Rafaela found comfort in touching mommy’s hair.  It was so sweet.

Sharing Snacks


Front and Back

This is Tatiana, the gorgeous momma whom I was shooting…

This is what was going on behind me…

At Home

We spent the second half of the shoot at the K family’s home.  Here are a couple that I love…

Rafaela and I were playing while Daddy Allen was watching on the couch.  I shot mostly Rafaela as she laughed so hard that drool poured out of her mouth!

I also captured a couple shots of Allen who lit up every time his baby laughed.  Just precious.

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