A Livermore Performance

I was so lucky today… this morning’s photoshoot was of a talented family of musicians.  I felt more like I was at a performance than a photoshoot.

Here are a few favorites of our Livermore musicians.

This is Ayano (5 1/2) playing the cello and Shingo (11 1/2) playing the violin.

Listening to Shingo play the violin made me feel like I was watching “America’s Got Talent”!  He was that good!


One of my photography styles is capturing different perspectives that make a seemingly “ordinary” image extra-ordinary.

I love this one with Ayano’s eyes looking up and Shingo standing below a natural umbrella of green leaves!


Ayano’s eyes can melt anyone’s heart.


Father and Son Duet

Playing a ukelele, Adam had a jam session with his son.  They did this even when I wasn’t shooting them.  I could tell this is a common activity for them to play together, and I loved capturing this special father-son moment.


Great Details


That’s mom (Aiko) on the piano!


Tea Party

I love this photo!  Miss Ayano was enjoying a cup of tea with sugar and milk and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

She offered me one of those cookies in the middle of my shoot (maybe she saw the drool on my chin – ha ha).  I had to use all my Superman strength to resist!

(I don’t eat or drink on the job.  Otherwise, I would’ve said, “What?  Only one?”)   🙂


This is the sort of thing that makes all women (and some men) want to have little girl children!  She is so adorable and charming.


No Acting Here!

Yep, the musical instrument photos were not staged; everyone was really playing a song.  And this tea party is no different.

This is how Ayano was drinking her tea when her gloves were off.  Hee hee.  There was finger-licking and milk mustaches… and all very darling!


It’s Not Over Til I Am In The Car

You may THINK the photoshoot is over because I’m now engaged in a conversation with you, but ha — my eyes are still scanning for photo opps!

Here is Shingo in his natural element:  reading.


And our little missy who had a tea party just minutes ago got hot, so she shed her fancy dress and jumped into the pool!  Love it!  So spontaneous and refreshing… just what you’d picture a hot Summer day to be like for a 5 1/2 year old!


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