A New Year, A New Life

On the first day of the new decade, I had the privilege of shooting two people who are very much in love.

Masako and Pavan currently reside in London.  Soon they will be returning to the country where they first met, Japan.  They were only here for a short visit, so we squeezed in a photoshoot to celebrate their new life together, as newlyweds!  (Today is their first day of being Mr and Mrs K!)

Much In Love


Catching The Light

The sunlight only came out in short bursts, so I had to capture the light when I could!


Last Minute Location Change

Our original location was a woodsy area in San Francisco, but with the on and off rain today, we changed locations last minute to a covered area.

I think this location turned out to be a fabulous place to shoot Masako and Pavan.  Like I tell most of my clients who struggle with the location decision, the location doesn’t matter as much as the light and the subjects’ mindset at the photoshoot.

This location ended up giving Masako and Pavan a greater variety of backdrops, which was fun!


Special Moments


I loved when Masako looked straight into Pavan’s eyes.  And in this shot, her eyes caught the sunlight, which makes this shot especially sweet!



The Newlyweds!


Steal a Kiss by the Tree


Modern Couple Portraits

Aside from capturing the loving couple shots — holding hands, gazing, kissing, embracing — I wanted to capture some modern Couple Portraits.

What this means is, the couple are not paying attention to one another, but they are still engaged with one another in the image.  Not all couple portraits need to be of the couple being lovey-dovey.

With engagement portraits (or couple portraits), I bend my rule of letting things unravel naturally.  Though still a Lifestyle shoot, I do set up the shots for a modern twist.  Here, I had Masako look directly at me and Pavan is far behind her, but they are overlapped in the image, which makes them appear together.  I love the result!


Fun Shots of M & P!


Congratulations, Masako and Pavan, on your new life together!


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