A Photographer’s Christmas

The 2 things I look for most when photographing people — light and emotion — were beautifully gift-wrapped for me at yesterday’s Lifestyle Family Photography session in Palo Alto.

Being natural while I’m shooting comes easily to the M Family probably because they’ve been my clients for 4 years now…. and perhaps I put them at ease because I say embarrassing things like I needed to pee (so true!!!)   🙂

Yesterday was like a Photographer’s Christmas!

I have so much to say about these images, but will refrain.  (And you know that’s hard for me!)

So many of them take my breath away.  Literally, I gasp when I look at these!





(sculpture by Rodin)

Gasp gasp!

Good thing I’m sitting down while I’m editing these images!  I have more editing to work on as my family galleries have about 60-70 images on average.  This is so much fun and I can’t wait to look at them some more.

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