A Photoshoot That Had It All: Silly Happy Calm

I love this family I shot today.  I know them well.  I was there for a photoshoot when the family had only 3 members.  Then Rashmi got pregnant and I took her maternity portraits, then Tejan was born and I did his newborn shoot.  And this morning, we did a shoot of the new family of 4… with Tejan as a 6 months old smiley baby!

(Click here to check out their newborn shoot this past Spring!) Their other photoshoots didn’t have sneak peeks because I didn’t have a blog yet.

It is so amazing for me to watch the children from my photoshoots grow… and the families grow too!  And I feel honored to capture each of these moments in time because children grow soooo fast!

Here are some of my faves from today… Enjoy!

Ridiculously Amazing Light!

We were actually talking and walking right past this area.  Then I noticed the light, so I made them stop for a quick family shot!

I’m usually not about the posed shots, but hey — sometimes I fall into the Dark Side!  😉


Funny Faces

Sohan (below left) made that silly face as he hopped onto the bench.  This face lasted a mere second, but I caught it!  It really signifies his age, and his parents will miss it when he is older!

Rashmi (below right) made a surprise face to get a reaction from Baby Tejan, who probably would’ve smiled just because!  He is one of the happiest babies I’ve seen in a long time.



I love how he sucked in his lower lip.  And ya gotta love his wispy baby hair, big round eyes, and pudgy baby feet!

The tree made a great frame too, so thank you tree.


Is It Christmas Already?

Then why are there sparkly lights behind them?  😉


Tummy Time for Sohan

Yes, once you have a preschooler, the meaning of “tummy time” changes in definition.

Sohan enjoyed showing me his belly button… and also pulling his pants down (tee hee), but I won’t post those photos here!

I love that the family is walking right behind him.


Taking A Break

…by the creek, of course!

The older boys (ehem, that would be Sohan and his daddy) were off exploring while Rashmi held napping baby Tejan.

It was so serene here, that I found this image to be breathtakingly beautiful.  This would look awesome as a large wall print or on canvas!


Model Boy

Okay, who am I kidding?  I think this should be a large wall print too…along with most of the others I’ve posted.  Just look at him.  Need I say more?!  🙂

(By the way, this image was straight-out-of-the-camera.)


Coffee, Anyone?

At the end of the shoot, Sohan asked if I were going to Tilden Park with him and his family later today.  Such a cutie pie!

I told him I couldn’t, so then they invited me for a cup o’ joe.  So here we are at Starbucks.

I learned that Sat is also from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) and that Rashmi believes passionately about eating sustainable foods.  I enjoyed chatting with them, and of course took shots that stood out to me.  Look at Tejan’s face.  He was highly amused by something!  We aren’t sure what, but he had looked up and just started laughing…


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