A Place in my Heart

There has been a string of bad weather during several client shoots the past few weeks and then today, it’s like the Weather Gods (those exist, right?) decides to make it up to me… but overdoes it!  It was crazy-bright, even at 9:00am!  I better put in more specific requests next time… “PARTLY sunny skies please.”

Today’s shoot was of a family that has been with me for the long haul… through price increases, family expansions, you name it.  They are so special to me.  I truly feel lucky to do what I do because I get to meet amazing people, like the P. Family!

Lightning McQueen

Since last year’s shoot, I almost didn’t recognize Tejan, who is now almost 2 years old.  I’ve gone a long way back with this little guy!  I shot his newborn photos, when he was nearly full term, and when he was the size of a peanut inside of mommy!

Now he is zipping around!  I should nickname him Lightning McQueen because he sooooo fast and rarely stays still.  😉


A Little Place In My Heart

Sohan has a little place in my heart.  I’ve known him since he was a toddler.  For all of our 5 shoots together, I’ve had the pleasure of playing with him and getting to know him.  It is such a joy to see him and watch him grow.


An Old Favorite

Carried in Sat’s wallet all these years, this photo was taken at the P. family’s first photoshoot with me back in 2008.

I love that photo too because Sohan’s tiny baby face was squished from smiling when they kissed him.  So precious.


Real Moments



Quiet Kisses.


Daddy Time.


“Can I have a bite?”


Model Rashmi

I’ve always loved Rashmi’s eyes and her flawless skin.  And she looked extra fit and fabulous today, so Rashmi succumbed to 5 minutes of ATP modeling at the end of her family shoot!  Tee hee.


Gorgeous, right?!!  Told ya.

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