A Rainy Day Photoshoot

Today’s forecast:  high of 58, low of 42, cloudy and dark, and RAIN ALL DAY!

So what did we do?  We changed locations and used the wet weather to our advantage!

I had Daina bring Gavin’s rain boots, raincoat and umbrella.  She and Nate were prepared to let Gavin (23 months old) splash in the puddles and play with him in the rain!

Gavin’s First Umbrella

If you look, you can see the rain in this shot.


FYI to Photographers: A rainy day photoshoot only worked because there were many covered areas at our location.  So for half of the shoot, I was able to stay in the covered area.  For the other half of the shoot, I clenched an umbrella between my cheek and shoulder, had one camera on one shoulder and another camera in one hand, and slung my Shootsac around my body.  When it was windy, I had to hold my umbrella with my left hand and thus, needed to use my left elbow to stabilize the camera & zoom lens since I only had one hand to hold it!  I felt like I was in a photographer’s circus – ha ha!  And one more thing, before doing a rainy day photoshoot, be sure your client is comfortable getting wet!


Around The Bush

Nate and Daina were such great troopers in this weather.  They didn’t let the cold and rain get them down.  They played outdoors like it was a Summer day.  🙂


This is one of my favorite shots of Gavin.

The light was peeking through the clouds and Gavin happened to look up at one of his parents.  The bush as backdrop fills the frame, which gives this image texture and color.  Dig it!


Baby Blues

I love the blue arc on the ground and how it brings out Gavin’s baby blues!


Fun Family Photos

I usually “look for the light”, but in today’s case where there wasn’t much light at all, I found interesting texture where there was decent light.  (And by decent, I mean just enough light that I didn’t need flash!)


“Annie has the gummies!”


“Sit here, Mommy.”

Gavin talked so much for a 23 months old!  It was so cute to hear him express his thoughts.  Once when he saw a large painting on the wall, he told us how he painted it!


Daddy Time



Daddy Nate:  “What do you want to eat?”

Gavin:  “RIBS!!!”

Gavin and his daddy play this game where “ribs” would be his own ribs!  It was adorable to watch.


A Gavin Sandwich


Favorite Mom & Son Shot

There is tenderness and love in how Daina is looking at Gavin.

And I love that the wind is blowing Daina’s hair and Gavin is munching on his sweater.  Hee hee.


Favorite Editorial Shot

I purposely put the bar halfway up the frame, which makes this image more interesting.  But what made this shot perfect is how Gavin peered to the side through the bars.  What did he see?


Ten Years and A Baby Later

Ahhhh…. the initially-reluctant subjects for Couple’s Photos quickly relaxed and got into it!  How darling are they?!! 🙂


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