A Sparkly Mineral and Furry Kisses

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

This morning’s San Francisco Bay Area newborn photography session was of baby Mica who gave her parents a little surprise:  arriving 2 weeks early!

Since Mommy is a Geologist, it only makes sense that her name, Mica, is a mineral that sparkles!  How poetic and pretty.

Little Miss Mica

Look how alert Miss Mica is at only 6 days old!

All the Details

Capturing newborn details includes those teeny tiny feet, the wee little face, the itty bitty bum…. and even the dried umbilical cord stump.  🙂

Though it may look unattractive to some people, the cord is a beautiful detail because it marks the newness of the baby as the cord is only there for a short time.

Checking Out Her Baby Sister

One of the fun aspects of newborn photography is capturing images of the parents with their baby, but also the reactions and interactions with the baby’s siblings.  In some cases, the siblings are furry ones.

Below is Luna checking out her baby sister.

Sniffing each other…

Family Time

Family time includes wet furry kisses, of course.

Family time also includes lounging on the couch.  (The black Lab feet you see on the right is Billie’s, Mica’s other older sister.)

The Kiss

First off, let me just say it.  You know you’re thinking it!  Kristin is model-gorgeous and yes, she gave birth not even a week ago!  Okay, let us move on…  😉

This is one of my favorite shots from today’s session.

Just from the image, you can tell that Mommy’s kiss was gentle and heartfelt.  You can also tell that Daddy Jimmy was holding Mica.  What is the cherry on top of the sundae here is that Mica is looking directly at him!  It’s such a precious moment.

Congratulations, Kristin, Jimmy, Billie and Luna! 

Baby Mica is an amazing little person and a great addition to your loving family.  I am so honored to be one of the first people to meet her and the first to photograph her!  



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