A Wonderful Day

What a wonderful day!

It was not only my first client shoot after taking some time off to nurse my back, but also, I got to see one of my favorite families!

I’ve watched these little ones — Mateo and Anea — grow up through the years, so seeing them warms my heart!

[Click here to see them at The Golden Hour and view The Mateo and Nea Show.  I didn’t have a blog earlier than these to show you their very first shoot with me in 2008.]

Bee in Flight

[FYI to Photographers:  I always plan to arrive early to my client shoots, so I can set up my gear, check out the light at the location, and take a few test shots of my surroundings.  Often, these test shots make it into the client gallery to help tell the story of their day.]

I started shooting these purple flowers in the parking lot because I liked the contrast against the green leaves behind them.  To make it a more interesting shot, I followed this bee around and captured a shot of him in flight.  Now I love it!


Chasing the Bubble

One of my favorite shots ever!  Look at Joe and Anea’s facial expressions.  You can feel their joy!


The Non-Lighthouse Lighthouse


Stealing a Hug and a Kiss

I was shooting Anea, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see Yolanda and Joe stealing a moment.

Instead of invading their privacy by taking a shot of just them, I shot wide to include them in the background, but focused on Anea.  The result = a non-standard “portrait”.


Resting on Dad’s Arm



Anea and the Speckled Light

Yolanda mentioned she is fond of speckled light.  Me too!  I find it interesting for portraits. 

There is nothing plain about images with speckled light!


Swinging in the Sun


A Relaxed Family Portrait

This is one of my favorite family shots of the day.  I captured this at the end of the shoot when the kids were tuckered out, as you can see.  🙂

Having the kids leaning on their parents makes this image extra sweet and warm.  Love love love!


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