After the Rain

To be honest, rain can wreak havoc on photoshoot plans.  Rain can also lend some really great light immediately after it stops.  There is soft, even light from the large “softboxes” overhead (a.k.a. CLOUDS!) and if you time it just right, the clouds will part and allow the golden glow of sunlight to spill through.  It’s can be pretty darn magical.

The H Family had just that sort of experience this weekend!  We weren’t quite sure if the shoot was going to happen until that morning, and thankfully we stuck with it and benefited from all the beauty that is seen after the rain.

[Fun fact:  Sabrina started Kindergarten this year, so we had the shoot at her school!  It isn’t just a big step for Sabrina, but also, it’s a milestone for the entire family because they now have a school-aged child!]

If you want to see more Rainy Day Shoots, check out this one from 2013 that was published by The Indie Tot.  Or look at this one from 2009 where it was actually still raining!  OMG, and I’ll never forget this year’s Commercial Shoot when I had to travel to Houston and there was a rain storm.  I had to think fast!

If you want to see more examples of that magical golden light that peeks through after the rain, you have to have to see this beach shoot in Half Moon Bay and this one in San Francisco where the family danced next to a building and a race!  🙂

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