Airplanes and Clown Cars

It must be late because I am exhausted and can’t think of a clever title for this post.  Oh wait, it’s only 9:00pm!

Well, today was a good day because I got to see Kai, Maya and Nina (and their parents).  It has been 6 months, and I’ve missed them!

Quiet Observation

I arrived half an hour early to the shoot, so I walked around to check out the new location and watched this airplane, and many others, land.

It was nice to have this quiet time.  Once the F family arrived, I didn’t notice the airplanes anymore… at least not the ones in the sky.  🙂

Riding a Clown Car

Making Faces

Making Paper Airplanes


It was fun to watch Alex carry his daughters, who aren’t so small anymore, over his shoulders!

See you in the Fall, F Family!  I can’t wait!



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