All Smiles

Yesterday’s East Bay Lifestyle Family Photography session started with some tears over a flyaway balloon and some shyness.  Okay, maybe it was A LOT shy.  One of the kids wouldn’t get out of the car when he saw me (a stranger)!

Since this was The L Family’s first lifestyle shoot ever — and their first time meeting me — they didn’t know what to expect.  This can be stressful or even scary to little kids.  I get that.  But I am super casual and silly, and my style of shooting is about having fun and allowing the kids to be themselves.  So in no time, Jake got out of the car and all I saw and heard for the rest of the shoot were laughs and silliness.

I have so many favorites, so let me start by sharing my favorite series of the day…

I’ll Hug, But I Won’t Kiss

My favorite momma moment…

All Smiles

The biggest surprise of the day was when Jake and Josie started posing…

Gap Kids Models

I had to twist a few arms (who me?!!) to get some Couple’s Shots because I knew they’d want them.  They just don’t know it yet.  🙂

I have several favorites of Joyce and Hank, and here is just one of them.

I like tight shots mostly, but….ahhhhh…this one with the path, the warm Golden Hour light and surrounding trees captures a beautiful story of a couple, married 10 years, who are walking through life together.

Our Path

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