Angry Birds Family

There were two big rainstorms this weekend, so we had to be flexible with timing our Saturday Lifestyle Photography session in-between storms!   With my rainboots on and extra umbrellas in the car, we all took a risk.  And the risk was well worth it because it turned out to be perfect weather for a shoot and we all had fun!

Taking A Break

I took another risk by shooting the H Family behind a giant cactus.  If I moved just an inch or two, they would have needed to pry my head out of the needles!  EEEEK!

“Wanna Hold My Hand?”

And the answer to this question was a big fat N-O!


Belly Laughs

A Dad’s Look

There is something so kind and sweet in the way Tim is looking at his son.  I can’t explain it, but I feel it.


It’s all about finding the light at any given location, so I spotted a glimmer of light between some trees…and voila!  Love it.

Evidence of Rain

Before we left, we noticed that the ground was drying up.  Woo-weeeee!

So I asked the wonderful H Family if they wanted to do one more shot…for kicks…

Angry Birds

This is our “Awkward Family Portrait” in front of the large propane tank!  bwahahahahahahaaaaa…

I wanted everyone to have a serious look on their faces, but how do you explain that to a 4 year old?!!

So obviously, I said, “Let’s do an Angry Birds photo!” and he knew just what to do!  🙂

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