Animal Park

Oh, how I love seeing my clients through different times of their lives!  My first photoshoot of the C. Family was back in Spring ’09 and they were only a family of 3!  Then I had the privilege of shooting newborn baby Evan with his family in Fall ’09!

That was a long time ago, but I remember them all like it was last month!

Today’s shoot went very well.  It was also fun to talk to Alice and play with her boys.  Nathan still remembered me and even asked for me to come home with him!  Evan was so big, I almost didn’t recognize him.  And what a cutie — he came up to kiss me a couple times!

Another surprise…

We saw a bunch of animals throughout the shoot.  Seriously, there were too many to count.  It was like we were on a wildlife preserve!

On The Bridge

I love the lines of the bridge and the beautiful greenery on the other side.

To get more dimension, I stepped onto the hillside to get the tall grass in the forefront.

Between that and kneeling/sitting on the ground in the woods, my ankles look like they lost a fight to a cat, but it was all worth it!  🙂


Succotash the Squirrel

Alright, I didn’t actually name this furry fella, but that would’ve been funny had I given names to all the critters we met during the shoot!


Respectfully Watching

Nathan slowly walked up to watch Succotash the Squirrel (the name comes in handy).  James, Alice and I admired how Nathan respectfully put his hands behind his back and stopped a few feet away to give Succotash some personal space…

If you know 4 year olds, this “respectful moment” lasted a couple minutes, and then it was critter chasing time!  Run, Succotash, run!


Harry the Hippo

Harry drank a little too much and was hiccuping bubbles!

(Mental note to self: Avoid blogging when I’m tired!)


The Geese Family

I really enjoyed the parallel here:  geese family with 4 goslings to the C Family who are expecting 2 more babies.  (Just kidding, James!!!!)


Brave Bertie

Do you see him?



At the end of the shoot, I was taking a few shots of Alice and James.  I was maybe 2 frames in when suddenly, out of nowhere….


This is what happened.

Hiiiiiilarious!  If this was a shot of my family, I’d blow this one up and hang it in the livingroom!

It would crack me up every time I walked past it!


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