Article: 5 Keys to Taking Beautiful Maternity Portraits

YAY!!! I have an article in Digital Photography School (DPS), an online school for photographers!

If you’re into digital photography — even if you’re not a professional — you can get great tips here!  I read DPS all the time and have found a lot of inspiration here!

This is how it all went down… A few days ago, I was part of a thread on a photography forum on the topic of maternity portraits.  So after dinner that night, I decided to write down my thoughts about taking belly shots since I had just been sharing some of these tips earlier that day.

I submitted my article to DPS an hour later and the next morning, I heard from Darren Rowse, the Executive Editor of DPS and photography genius, because he wanted to publish it!  (It’s still considered “publishing” when it’s online, right?  Everything is online these days.  I even read the newspaper on my iPhone!)

Published just yesterday, here is my article:  5 KEYS TO TAKING BEAUTIFUL MATERNITY PORTRAITS!


Many many moons ago (right after College) while working in Marketing at Manhattan Associates, I had several articles published, but this feels entirely different.  (Back then, M.A. was a small, 2-year old company with less than 30 employees and 20 clients, and now it is this multi-billion dollar megacompany and all the people I used to work with who stayed on *sigh* have left with millions!  Whoops, off topic!)

The reasons it wasn’t as exciting to be published back then was that the articles had to say the President’s name (to get his name out there) rather than mine, and they were published in industry magazines.  Also, writing about software and warehouse management only lends you so much creative leeway.

I had a difficult time sleeping the night I found out my article would be published for 2 reasons:

1)  This was about photography, my passion!  Other than my two munchkins, photography is IT, baby!!!

2)  And the article is on DPS!  I love reading DPS!  They attract amazing talent who contribute their knowledge to DPS to teach and inspire the photography community.  To be one of the contributors on DPS means I am grouped with those photographers… WOW!

If I inspire or help even one photographer, I am content.


When I have more time *cough cough* (whenever that will be), I plan to submit a couple more articles to the photography world.  Photography is my passion.  And I have a lot to say about it!  So, stay tuned…


(Funny fact: I spent more time writing this blog post than the article itself!  Why is that?!!  Maybe it means I need to devote more time on my next article.)

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