At the Shoreline

Today’s East Bay family photography session was at a foggy shoreline.

The shoot was of the C. Family who have 2-year old twins.

Terrible Two’s?!! Nah!  I love this age because the kids can walk and talk, have distinct individuality, and yet they are still in cute little baby bodies!  I just want to squeeze them.  🙂

The C. Family


They Have the Same Birthdays, But…

They sure are different!



Outgoing and determined, this little girl was jumping, running and playing hard!



Little Jakey was reserved and mellow.  He was content letting his sister win races and enjoyed being a silent observer.


Fave Editorial Image

This shoreline is popular for joggers and dog-walkers.  At one point, there was a large herd of joggers passing through.

The body language from Jacob’s Daddy shows how he is protecting his son.  This kind of mama bear/papa bear stuff always warms my heart!


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