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I write articles for the pure pleasure of sharing knowledge.  I love to teach.  I love to write.  I love to shoot.  And writing articles for Digital Photography School (DPS) felt like an extension of blogging.

This week, I was added to DPS’ Authors page.  It may not sound like much, but I am so excited about it!


Now, I have my own page on DPS where you can find all my articles in one place.  You even get to see my very old (and pale — haha) mugshot instead of a DPS logo on all my articles.

[These are all screen grabs of the top section of the pages.  To see the full list of authors or full list of my articles, click on the image.]


Being called an author makes things feel official after writing for so many years.   🙂


And get this:  two of my articles were shared over 6000 times!  WHAT?!!  That’s just crazy.

I don’t want to be sappy and all, but… THANK YOU to everyone who reads my stuff.  That is all.  xoxo

#AnnieTaoarticle #DigitalPhotographySchool #DPSarticle

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