Baby Blues

Since today is Halloween (a very important “holiday” for my kids), this blog entry will be brief because I spent most of the day at the pumpkin patch and trick o’ treating with my Princess, Monkey and Lady Bug!

Yet, I still want to share a few tasty treats with you from today’s maternity and family photoshoot!  Enjoy!

Baby Blues

Charlotte’s baby blues are dreamy with her fair skin, light blonde hair and pink lips.  I also love the watercolor splash of green behind her.


Tired In The End

I love when children melt into their parent’s arms.  It tells a story of tenderness, security and love.  It is so much sweeter than a posey-posey shot, in my opinion!

[FYI to Photographers: You know I love flare!  In this shot, I enhanced the flare by adding more warmth and made my subjects stand out by bumping up the contrast.]


In Two Weeks

Marlene is due in 2 weeks.  Yea, that’s right… TWO weeks!  She looks absolutely stunning!


Where’s The Baby?

This is one of my favorite editorial shots of the day.  It grabs me and makes me look at it longer… and it makes me smile.  🙂


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