Baby George

Oh, was George cute!  Even though he had his first cold (Murphy’s Law, right?!) starting when he woke up this morning, he was in good spirits and never fussed once!

And just when I was thinking 7-month old George was being such a trooper to let us strip him down, move him around and make him skip his nap — all when he was sick, his mommy Justine revealed that George started sleeping through the night (we’re talking 12 hours straight) AND falls asleep on his own starting at 3 1/2 months!  Holy moly!  I am impressed!

Now the question is, can sleep karma rub off and transfer to my baby?  <:)

George and His Family

Yes, we stripped him down, but we gave him a hat!

This photo makes me smile!  Just look at his expression.

Playing around.

Getting ready in the nursery.

Honk Honk

George thought daddy’s face was a toy!

Some of my Favorite George Shots

Looking at Daddy

These are so sweet!

Happy first Mother’s Day to Justine!  (This was Charlie’s Mother’s Day gift to her.  He is so thoughtful!)

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