Baby’s New Shoes

Just bought little baby sneakers today.  They have tiny hearts all over them — on the top, on the soles.  It’s overkill, for sure!  And I typically would avoid this kind of design like a vampire to garlic, but for my little Ava, I somehow LOVE dressing her in girlie pinks, heart designs, giant floral head pieces.  You name it.

So here ya go, my little angel…  Your first super pink girlie heart sneakers.  You get to wear them to a party tomorrow!


(FYI to Photographers: This was a 10-second set up!  I looked for any flat surface that had natural light, which happened to be next to the stairs.  It was a cluttery mess behind it and I didn’t have time to tidy it up, so I took the shot slightly below the level of the “table” to miss most of the mess.  Then I cranked the aperture up to 1.4 to blur out the background.  I also knew I wanted to place something next to the shoes for a nifty size comparison, so I took a gander in my kitchen and voila – nectarines!  My white top and skirt acted as a fabulous reflector, so the nectarines and baby shoes were lit perfectly!  So there you have it… a 10-second shot!)

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