Before and After – Part 2

I get a lot of clients who ask what the difference is between oomph-ified (aka, major post-production editing) and regular, straight-out-of-the-camera images.   So I thought I’d give some more examples!

The photo below is an example of a photo that had lighting issues.  It was a super sunny day, so we stayed in the shade.  The camera sensor (bless my Nikon’s heart) underexposed the family because it was too bright behind them.

Since I was shooting young children and a dog, and there were people passing by all the time, I had to shoot fast.  Usually, I only have a few seconds to get the shot, so there’s no time to fiddle with my camera settings.

BEFORE: Underexposed!  But I love the lines of the bridge and how they (and I) were centered.



I can’t divulge my secrets (ha ha), but I used about 5 different effects to get this end result.  I think it looks amazing.  It went from a photo I didn’t like to one I would enlarge and hang on the walls!


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